Faithfully Fulfill Our Responsibility as the Commissioned Company for Supporting the Clinical Studies

We provide the wide range of commissioned service from the clinical studies to the post market surveillance etc.
We offer the proposals and the results according to the need of the clients with our wide experience and rich knowledge, handling the support for the clinical studies from the standpoint of the clients.

Support for the Clinical Studies

  • Project Management
  • Drafting the Investigator’s brochure, Protocol and Case Report Form
  • Selecting the medical institutions and Principal Investigator
  • Creating Clinical Trial Notification, Change Notification, Discontinuance /Close Notification
  • Request/Contract of the Clinical Trial to the concerned medical institution, Closing procedure of Clinical Trial
  • Delivery and Recall of the Investigational Agent
  • Monitoring
  • Collecting/Checking Case Report Form
  • Source Document Verification
  • Creating Clinical Study Report
  • Case Registration Center

Post Market Surveillance/ Post Market Safety Management

  • Support related to Post Marketing Surveillance and Specified Post Marketing Surveillance
  • Post Market Clinical Studies
  • Post Market Safety Management