Our Vision

In the rapidly changing business environment of the medical field, we are committed to find out a new value and provide the introduction of the medical devices and pharmaceutical products with superior expertise and high quality, contributing the improvement of medical care and to enhance the QOL of the patients in Japan and around the world.

Company profile

Message from EKP CEO

Hello, I am Masashi Yoriki, the CEO of EKP, a CRO company.

The Japanese government takes medical devices as one of the growing industries for future Japanese economy. For this reason, the new entrants are actively getting in the Japanese market.

The key members of EKP have been engaging in major global medical device companies for a long time, handling the total procedure including strategy, clinical development, regulatory approval, coverage by National Health Care Insurance, quality assurance and safety vigilance management. EKP is dedicated to medical device and can provide you with the total support.

To all US & European medical device companies, To all medical device companies from Chinese language bloc like China, Hongkong, Taiwan and Singapore, Japanese medical device market is a growing market, worthy of your investment. Please select EKP as your partner for your entry to Japanese market.

Thank you for listening.